• Agroindustrial

    Fruits And Vegetables, Food&Beverage, Minimally Processed Vegetables, Meat Processing e Dairy

  • Transport and Logistics

    Ambulances, Goods Transport Vehicles, Passenger Transport Vehicles

  • Water Treatment

    Irrigation Water, Waste Water, Swimming Pools

  • Sanitation Environments

    Sports Centres, Hotels And Health SPAS

  • Other sectors

    Mass Retail, Industrial Laundries


Who we are

MET srl develops, produces and sells Italian ozone generators. Created with the aim to spoil mechanic, informatics and physics skills, MET srl has more than 40 years of experience in the electronics sector.

Here are some of Met activity’s key points:

  1. Ozone as an ecological sanitizer:
    • Ozone is a gas composed of three oxygen atoms (O₃) known for its sanifying and deodorizing properties.
    • Created through corona effect starting from pure oxygen or treated air with an high intensity electric field.
    • Ozone is ecologic as it is created from air and reverts back to oxygen.
  2. Ozone applications:
    • Agriculture: MET srl developed OXIR technology, using ozone dissolved in water to protect crops from pest both in greenhouses and open field.
    • Industrial sector: Ozone is used to disinfect rooms, irrigation water and pools.
    • Food: MET Srl technology is used to sanify fruit and vegetables during processing. This technology is fundamental for the extension of fresh products shelf life, both in cold rooms and maturing chambers. The same application grants good results with cheese storage rooms.
  3. Safety and Limits:
    • Ozone is an instable gas and decays over time reverting back to oxygen (O₂).
    • At high concentration, ozone is toxic if inhaled therefore it is important to avoid prolonged exposition.
    • It’s pungent odori s recognizable, very much alike to the one produced by storms.
  4. Vision and Innovations:
    • MET srl engages in developing innovative solutions and to expand productive possibilities in ozone sector.
    • MET srl continues to explore new applications and to improve ozone generations technology.

Do it done

All in all, MET srl is a reference point for ozone and offers advanced solutions for different industries, contributing to corporate health and sustainability