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Meat Processing

Ozone has numerous applications in the meat processing industry.

It can be used to sanitize meat processing areas and to sanitize utensils used in these processes. Ozone can be injected into display coolers as well as in cold storage rooms where meat is stored for maturation, increasing the average preservation time of goods and decreasing organic odors. Ozone makes it possible to maintain a higher degree of humidity in cold storage, thus mitigating drops in weight of the products.

Ozone dissolved in water

is highly effective in treating all butchery tools and the premises where meat processing is carried out. Following the traditional cycle of degreasing surfaces, subsequent washing with ozonized water provides greater protection against pathogens such as e.coli and listeria and contaminants such as pseudomonas, candida, and penicillium, providing a positive contribution to the shelf life of products.

In the poultry industry,

ozone has also been tested as a disinfectant for incubators and eggs, while in the cured meats industry, ozone can be used to sanitize and thus achieve adequate environmental control in packaging and preparation plants, avoiding the use of chemical products which could leave unwanted residues.

Ozone is also effective in exterminating

mites and unwanted insects (piophila casei etc.) which are usually present in aging rooms of cured meat products.