• Ozono in Campo

    Ozono in Campo MOWAT Tecnica innovativa per la difesa delle piante coltivate sia in serra che in pieno campo... Oxir MET e G.R. GAMBERINI hanno sviluppato OXIR, una tecnologia avanzata che impiega ozono disciolto in acqua per proteggere le colture da malattie in modo ecologico, efficace sia in serra che all’aperto.... BioDis Diserbo Ecologico: La Continue Reading

  • Agroindustrial

    Fruits And Vegetables, Food&Beverage, Minimally Processed Vegetables, Meat Processing e Dairy

  • Transport and Logistics

    Ambulances, Goods Transport Vehicles, Passenger Transport Vehicles

  • Water Treatment

    Irrigation Water, Waste Water, Swimming Pools

  • Sanitation Environments

    Sports Centres, Hotels And Health SPAS


Air Wind Base

The Air Wind Base is an ozone generator designed and built for professional use. A 90 m3/h turbofan, a 2 g/h ozone generator and a Daily Programmer are located inside the stainless steel container.
It is designed for sanitation and deodorization of environments with daily frequency at fixed times.
These features make this machine particularly suitable for planned nightly treatments in kitchens, dining rooms and laboratories. The Daily Programmer, once set, will automatically repeat the treatment every day at the same time without the intervention of an operator.
Please note that access to people and / or animals during treatments is strictly prohibited.


  • Restaurant kitchens
  • Sanitation of fresh meat, cured meat, fish or pastry small laboratories
  • Dressing rooms and sports centers
  • Trasports


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