• Ozono in Campo

    Ozono in Campo MOWAT Tecnica innovativa per la difesa delle piante coltivate sia in serra che in pieno campo... Oxir MET e G.R. GAMBERINI hanno sviluppato OXIR, una tecnologia avanzata che impiega ozono disciolto in acqua per proteggere le colture da malattie in modo ecologico, efficace sia in serra che all’aperto.... BioDis Diserbo Ecologico: La Continue Reading

  • Agroindustrial

    Fruits And Vegetables, Food&Beverage, Minimally Processed Vegetables, Meat Processing e Dairy

  • Transport and Logistics

    Ambulances, Goods Transport Vehicles, Passenger Transport Vehicles

  • Water Treatment

    Irrigation Water, Waste Water, Swimming Pools

  • Sanitation Environments

    Sports Centres, Hotels And Health SPAS


Transport and Logistics

Transportation And Logistics



The ambulance sector deserves specific mention, as it is a means of transportation almost always at high risk of contamination and contains delicate electronic equipment, it has specific safety and precaution issues ...

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Goods and Animals Transport Vehicles

As is known, the rules requiring the disinfection of means of transportation, often broken down by type of goods transported (see Italian Presidential Decree 237/80, Veterinary Policy Regulation, Leg. Decree 155/97, etc.), but serious problems often occur ...

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Passenger Transport Vehicles

Reports of cases regarding means of transportation invaded by parasites, yeast, fungi and insects are becoming more frequent in the media...

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