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Goods Transport Vehicles

As is known, the rules requiring the disinfection of means of transportation, often broken down by type of goods transported (see Italian Presidential Decree 237/80, Veterinary Policy Regulation, Leg. Decree 155/97, etc.), but serious problems often occur relating to colonization or invasion by all types of organisms.

This all runs the risk of invalidating the efforts of food companies and breeders to keep products and livestock in perfect sanitary conditions, and also constitutes a risk for drivers and workers.

Ozone can be used both in gas form, to disinfect closed goods transport vehicles such as trucks, refrigerated vans or tanker trailers, or, for sheeted vehicles or livestock transportation you can use ozone dissolved in water.

Ozone increases the effectiveness of the action, disinfects better and with a wider range of action, reducing the use of chemical products and the man-hours required for application.

Note that ozone is an effective agent against odors, bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi and insects, and leaves no chemical residues which are dangerous to the environment.