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Passenger Transport Vehicles

Reports of cases regarding means of transportation invaded by parasites, yeast, fungi and insects are becoming more frequent in the media.

Certainly, all of this discourages people from using these means of transportation, making it necessary to use remedies that guarantee an acceptable level of cleanliness of the environments.

The use of ozone for all means of transportation, from SUVs to caravans, from buses to yachts, from train carriages to those of the subway, is the most effective sanitation method, already widely used in the rest of the world, with an unquestionable advantage in terms of time and costs.

The use of ozone is a highly innovative method in the area of disinfection activities, as it is aimed at the radical, prolonged elimination of spores, bacteria, viruses, chemical products and fumes, odors, and sundry insects and parasites, with the advantage of containing costs and the risk of propagation of pathogens dangerous to people's health