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Fruits And Vegetables

There are countless applications for ozone in the fruit and vegetable cultivation, storage and processing sector. Ozone can be used directly on seeds to eliminate mold, with no influence on their germinability, on fields prior to sowing/transplanting and during growth to eliminate parasites and fungi (nematodes, fusarium, etc.) thereby increasing yields.

Ozone is also used in the storage and processing phases;

more specifically, in the storage cells to inhibit the growth of micelles and the sporulation of molds and fungi, with a resulting reduction in the generation of mycotoxins (patulin, etc).

Ozone helps purify the air,

improving the state of products by controlling pathogenic agents and organic material; It also oxidizes ethylene, thereby slowing the ripening of climateric fruit.

In addition to the benefits in relation to product protection and sanitation, this application naturally delays the ripening of fruit, with positive effects on color and consistency, and reduces drops in weight.

Ozone dissolved in water is used to combat listeria, salmonella and other yeasts, bacteria, viruses and mold.

This system is also used to eliminate insects, sanitize processing and packaging lines and disinfect and recycle water used for washing.

Tests and long-term experience of large companies throughout the world have demonstrated that washing fruit and vegetables with ozonized water increases their shelf life and saves on the purchase of chemical products, as ozonized water reduces the amount of pesticides, ammonia and other unwanted substances which may be present on the crops.