• Agroindustrial

    Fruits And Vegetables, Food&Beverage, Minimally Processed Vegetables, Meat Processing e Dairy

  • Transport and Logistics

    Ambulances, Goods Transport Vehicles, Passenger Transport Vehicles

  • Water Treatment

    Irrigation Water, Waste Water, Swimming Pools

  • Sanitation Environments

    Sports Centres, Hotels And Health SPAS

  • Other sectors

    Mass Retail, Industrial Laundries


Mass Retail

In modern retailing, correctly sanitizing areas and machinery is taking on an increasingly crucial role in manufacturing and distributing safe foods in line with consumers' expectations, avoiding health risks.


Correct sanitization has multiple benefits:

  • improvement in product quality
  • increase in the shelf life of products
  • decrease in waste, waste products and odors
  • reduction in public health risks (customers and employees)
  • returns in terms of image in the eyes of the customer


Mass retailers have numerous areas that need to be sanitized.

Specifically: cold storage rooms and display coolers, kitchens, offices, toilets, changing rooms, etc.

Ozone decreases odors and bacterial loads, and inactivates viruses, mites and other insects, quickly and without leaving residues.


Using ozone provides numerous advantages - both general health advantages and financial advantages.


  • Elimination or control of insects and other unwanted life forms (mites)
  • Elimination of mold/fungi, and odors
  • Reduction of waste from food products
  • Increase in the shelf life of food products
  • Sanitization of materials and surfaces
  • Reduction of environmental impact and purchase costs of chemical products
  • Increase in added value of the service
  • Limitation of transmission of infections (ozone included in air conditioning plants) among customers and operators